Thursday, 31 December 2009

New decade on hold

Thank goodness we have another twelve months to wait before we can confidently celebrate a new decade.

Despite the fact we will have a Conservative government in a few months, it won't be the type of government we once had hoped for, or expected.

This new government will be mired in the path of depression laid for it by its predecessor.

But by the end of the year many dark issues will be addressed – if not resolved. Then the time will arrive to enable a true and creative Conservative government to emerge.

So hold on to your Champagne. Pop some when the Conservative era arrives. But keep the rest on ice for the dawn of the proper Conservative decade.

I hope you will join me in correctly welcoming this century's next decade on 31st December 2010 – as every logical person should!

After all, who could possibly want to celebrate a new decade with the scourge of a Labour government still beating down on our heads?