Sunday, 12 April 2009

Student politics

There's nothing I can add to the McBride of Dreapergate affair. I regret to admit there is some lurid fascination in watching this grubby business take its toll of its own proponents. Like watching armed bank raiders jump into a faulty stolen car and plough at speed into an unforgiving brick wall.

But this is not the type of politics that gives me any intellectual pleasure. I would describe it as like the worst kind of student politics were it not so serious, emanating as it does from the Prime Minister's right hand.

Perhaps this is just what we might expect from the dying days of those managing the NewLab project. As the tawdry self-serving edifice crumbles down about their ears, they rely on the only consistent feature throughout their administration: that of truth-denying spin. But with no further hope of spinning their way out of their national political disasters, as a last gasp they turn their dark arts onto the opposition. "If we're sinking then we'll take the opposition down with us."

It's tawdry, sick and not worthy of the title 'politics'. And I wish I could just leave that as NewLab's appropriate epitaph.

But over at our friend Donal Blaney's Blarney there's more student politics going on.

I do hope Donal doesn't spend his days trawling through Facebook looking for victims for his clunking fist, as his latest target suggests. So far, whatever his errors, I think the young undergraduate, who is the focus of Donal's latest attentions, manages to stay on the moral high-ground against threats of expensive legal action from the Blarney man.

Donal can do as he wishes, and he usually does. But I've no time for irritating, poisonous, personality-based student politics – from left or right.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear, a witch hunt does nobody any favours, but in the Draper/McBride case, there was the seriousness of where the e-mails came from.

I'm assuming that this will all blow over in a few days, only to raise its head at the first hint of actual Tory sleaze.

Pol-e-tics said...

Calling people names and identifying failures is one thing; dedicated character assassination is another.

Perhaps I'm naive, but as we live within a single polity such behaviour is unedifying from any quarter. I hope any Tory party 'monitoring' of Labour individuals won't descend into sleaze campaigns.

In Mr Blaney's case, he seems to be misdirecting his talents. My instinct is to support the underdog against the bully.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic article.

If you wish to see the platform from which I am standing up to dear old Donal, you can access the piece on this link:

Donal is proving he is merely a big, loathsome bully and I don't intend of letting him get the better of me. Nothing illegal has been said from my perspective nor unquantified allegations. Please do have a read.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for saying this, but I think Mr Taylor is enjoying this very much. He is well known around York campus for saying anything controversial enough to gather the attention of his fellow students.

Dan, instead of ignoring this wholy stupid farce is constantly updating his blog/fb account. And although Donal is the more irritating character of the two at the moment - they are both complete and utter ignorant oppportune lightweights who will stop at nothing for some attention. Sad really.

Pol-e-tics said...

Well it looks like "the more irritating character of the two at the moment" has decided to forget and forgive, as I see from a comment left at another of Dan's posts.

All's fair in love and politics? Not does try to focus on the more serious breaches of political conduct, when one can.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, I'm a York student who has shared seminars with Dan Taylor, and I have to say he has become synonymous on campus with any opportunistic cause or easy target.

His recent facebook updates seem to prove he is relishing the attention afforded to him by this exposure...

Anonymous said...

Naturally. It's got my Blog on the scene; 800+ hits yesterday.

Nevertheless, it's part of a wider issue about standing up to someone who is notorious in blogging and political circles for picking on (relative) small-fry and attempting to 'threaten them with legal action' in order to scare them off his case. I think the fact it hasn't worked, make the campaign worth it.