Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rotating EU President falls

In a major incident in the Poslaneck√° Snemovna yesterday, Czech Prime Minister Marek Topolanek was toppled by his political opponents, also bringing his cabinet crashing down.

This embarrassing clash occurred as world premier, Gordon Brown, was winding up down a speech to the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

A spokesman for the (former) Czech premier said: This is really awkward as our Prime Minister is meant to be representing the EU nations at Mr Brown's summit in Canning Town.

However, after close examination, it is thought Mr Topolanek's seat could be patched up, allowing the Czechs to bounce back until their EU presidency ends in June.

President Vaclav Klaus, a well-known critic of the EU, is rumoured to have said: Ha, ha[this comment removed].

From our Fornign Corespondent

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Anonymous said...

Apologies for the quality of this report. My stringer in Prague told me he was a politics first-grader. Perhaps I misunderstood.