Thursday, 11 June 2009

Democratic Reforms

Have we missed something?

Last week a vacancy occurred at the Europe Minister department (one Carolina LaFlint stormed out of the chorus leaving a rude message, apparently).

Mr Broon immediately replaced her with a certain Mdme Glenys Kinnock.

Mdme Kinnock was last known as a guest worker in Brussels. Previously, she had been known as wife of a Mr Kneel Kinnock, previously top Don at the European Commission, former Welsh MP and leader of the Labouring under Grand Illusions party, isn't it.

It now transpires that, in recent years, Mdme Kinnock has in fact been working as an MEP at the European Parliament.

This is quite a coincidence given her new appointment as Britain's Europe Minister. Did Mr Broon know or was it pure chance?

Anyway, this has given rise to a small problem. There is a curious convention that someone appointed as a government minister at Westminster can't at the same time be an MEP in Brussels.

At least that's probably the convention.

Or perhaps the convention is that someone who is not a Lady cannot be appointed as a government minister. Or perhaps someone who is an MEP cannot become a Lady.

Anyway, a wholly satisfactory solution has now been found. The post of Europe Minister will be given to Mdme Kinnock, but she will not in fact take up the position until a proper financial settlement is reached with her current employer.

In the meantime, by a sweep of his hand Mr Broon will make Mdme a Lady. Then when she's good and ready Lady Kinnock will be able to be a Europe Minister from the House of Lords.

This surely is the first real success to emerge from Mr Broon's National Council for Democratic Reform.

At a sweep, he addresses the expenses issue by appointing someone whose whole family has immense experience in this area (ask Marta Andreasen).

He answers the issue of public accountability by not selecting an untrustworthy MP.

And he signals that his reforms will include the House of Lords, where only people with public trust, such as television show presenters, MEPs and European Commissioners, will in future be appointed by him to govern us.

Thank goodness for democracy.


Anonymous said...

Brown is the Devil, I claim my 5 pence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need the AV system.