Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Quiet Mutiny

Seafaring metaphors are appropriate for our island nation – and I notice I use a few. Today's choice is "abandon ship" as government ministers clamber over themselves (perhaps with some help) to jump over the rails.

Yet none of them are diving straight into the briny, oh no. They are simply jumping off the Bridge onto the lower decks. Some will attempt to hang on there through the storms. Others have decided to disembark at the next port. All have given up trying to influence the Captain. Apparently he can't or won't change course.

Abandoning the bridge at sea is usually a high risk strategy. But parliamentarians like their comforts. They're clinging to the privileges they can still get. Even helpful offers for immediate rescue have been rejected. They'd rather stay to collect their baggage to be sure they can take it all when they go.

But at least the timing of this passive mutiny should give some comfort. Yes, the fiction that local and European elections are related in any way to national politics has finally been abandoned. Just as the government of our nation has been abandoned.

I'm sure current events on the good ship Labour Government won't affect the outcome of Thursday's elections in any way.


Bob's Head Revisited said...

And there is something of the Captain Queeg about Brown. Remember the court case scene?

Pol-e-tics said...

Indeed. Rolling marbles wasn't he? They can be more lethal than mobile phones!