Saturday, 16 May 2009

Craig Murray's bias

I'm sure Craig Murray has some worthy talents. They appear not to include an ability to accept that political bias exists throughout the world, parties will and should have their supporters and these will and should include publicists and journalists.

Perhaps the reason he is so damning of Michael White, Iain Dale and other commentators for their partiality is that his former career as a diplomat required an impartial obedience to whichever political party was in power. The consequence is a loathing for dedicated supporters of any influential party. Perhaps his ignominious treatment by our political class during his service for this country shapes his view of anyone sticking their colours to a political mast. Or perhaps he contrasts his honesty in exposing undemocratic Uzbeckistan politics with party political commentary here.

Fair enough to point out that White and Dale may be motivated by politically partiality. But this is not a crime. It's the consequence of a free press. The last thing that could be said of the British media at present is that they're engaging in a cover up.

Methinks he protests too much about the messengers. Perhaps this is because he is condemned to be merely a rival member of the message-carrying class himself.

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Events dear boy, events said...

Well said. I had some comments earlier today asking me to link to one of his posts. I refused and gave my reasons. You have just added to these.