Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Speaker goes, long live the Speaker

This morning, on LBC Radio (London's biggest conversation), presenter James O'Brien is leading London's conversation on the proposition that the Speaker is being expelled by MPs as a smokescreen, hoping the heat over MPs expenses will fall away.

Anyone who follows the career of Douglas Carswell MP will find it hard to believe such motivation on his part. But, LBC's listeners being easily led, many agree thoroughly with Mr O'Brien.

Now that the wish of many in the House is apparently to be fulfilled, we shall see the outcome of a change of Speaker. One of the issues that could immediately raise debate is whether the Speaker should continue to be responsible for MPs financial affairs. A new Speaker may want to retain responsibility in order to introduce the changes needed. Others, especially among the public, may believe such matters should be removed from parliament entirely.

One cutting observation from LBC listeners notes that none of those MPs calling for the Speaker to go have equally called for resignations from other fellow MPs.

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