Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Yes, we can

No shortage of ideas from Cameron's quarter today.

I wrote last week of sea changes in political affairs and suggested the public should grab their opportunity to reform parliament today before MPs took the opportunity away.

Well David Cameron has certainly set full sail on this political high tide, but thankfully he seems to be sailing towards us, the people, rather than away.

In fact he is sounding rather more like one of us - ordinary folk - than one of them - MPs.

The scale of reforms he is suggesting go well beyond parliament into the contract between the people and anyone with statutory authority over our lives. A redistribution of power 'from the elite to the man in the street'.

His ideas are ambitious - rather like the revolutionary views of the 1960s aimed at casting out the stultifying authoritarianism and condescension to power that existed in the 1940s—1950s.

As we know, there were a lot of babies thrown out with the bathwater of that social change and the danger of constitutional as well as social change is that, in the end, we are worse off rather than better. But calling for change will always be much easier than implementing it.

For now, Cameron has stolen a march on other parties and is leading a vanguard for change on every political front. And what more can be asked at an election time when the country and its institutions are at their lowest ebb for decades?

I hear a political slogan in my mind 'Yes, we can'. Then again, I'm sure Saatchis can come up with something better than that.

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