Friday, 1 May 2009

Sinking ship

I'm surprised (perhaps I shouldn't be) and encouraged by the level of despair and depression that has fallen on our politically active comrades from the Left.

The McBride/Draper saga seems to have been the turning point. Alastair Darling's 'do nothing' budget merely proved the intellectual cupboard was bare. Gordon Brown's absurd shenanigans over MPs' expenses and the Gurkhas simply confirm to all how far he's lost the plot.

David Blunkett says, "Labour has lost its political antenna".

Charles Clarke says, "Labour's good governance is fading away" (not good whatever that means) and "I'm ashamed to be a Labour MP".

And a glance through the subject matter and comments at LabourHome confirms how Labour supporters now recognise the game is up.

Everyone knows this government has to go.

Do we need to adopt Thai tactics and occupy Heathrow to get Brown to understand the message?

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