Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Time for independents?

Esther Rantzen has expressed her keenness to stand for parliament against 'three homes' Labour MP, Margaret Moran.

I imagine Esther sees herself delivering barnstorming speeches in the Chamber that shake up parliament and its tired MPs.

If she gets herself elected she may soon find the job is both boring and very hard work. I would love to watch the few occasions she might be granted to deliver such speeches. But I doubt she would think those few opportunities made up for the rest of her tiresome lot.

She would soon become thankful for time out from her duties to be spent in comfortable accommodation surrounded by expensive luxuries. Fortunately, she already has such facilities of her own.

Esther has spoken of meeting a number of successful business people who think this may be the time to consider standing for parliament. Independent voices untainted by parliament or party is what electorates may now vote to see. However, most of those she has spoken to were almost certainly, like Esther, independently financially secure.

Could we be about to witness the return to parliament of the independently wealthy independent MP?

Hardly what the constituents of Luton South, or Glasgow North East, are probably expecting. But, these days, it might be worth giving anyone deaf to the call of the Fees Office a sporting chance.

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